Managed Services.

We assist organisations in operating more efficiently and securely while streamlining their payment experiences & revenue collections.

We focus on digital transformation & delivering social impact through great consumer experiences

Fusing empathy & technology

We combine a design thinking approach with great technology to achieve great consumer experiences.

Passion & Purpose

Adecore is dedicated to achieving social impact through our products and services.

Contextual transformation

It's not enough to be data-driven any more, we must now ensure we are contextually driven because tomorrow’s solutions are hidden in today’s data.

Customer service expertise

All our technology focuses on consumer experience and support excellence.

Experts at delivering digital payment consumer experiences

Simple, easy and automated consumer payment experiences for your customers.

Automated Fare Collection and Real-time vehicle tracking

National Interoperable Fare Collection System

COVID-19 Response & Support

See how Adecore is helping organisations protect their businesses from the impacts of COVID-19

Digital Payments
Digital and mobile payment platforms and services.

Mobile wallet

End-to-end integration to any mobile application with our e-wallet, allowing customers to transact, store cards, make USSD payments, rewards, mobile money and bank account integration.

QR Payments

With the smart-phone adoption increasing each year mobile based cashless payment solutions such as dynamic or static generate QR codes provide ease of transfer from consumer to merchant.

e-Payments, Rewards & Loyalty Sys.

Electronic payments systems combined with Rewards create amazing earn, redeem and reward loyalty programs on your existing mobile or web applications.

Security in mind

Using a combination of instant e-KYC for onboarding, secured biometric database, 2F Authentication and mobile tokenisation we strengthen the security of each transaction using our technology.

Transaction monitoring

Providing frictionless transaction monitoring and reporting to various users and with secured data collection you can manage all your customers, merchant and compliance requirements.
Digital Banking
Mobile Banking solutions designed to make it easier for onboarding customers and providing access to financial products or services.

Mobile KYC Solution

Providing end-to-end integration for Enrolment & Biometric Management, strong KYC Verification and Transaction Management designed to deliver a true omni-channel application experience.

Virtual Teller Machines

Fully Autonomous and Intelligent Virtual Teller Machines and Form Fillers designed to increase transaction volumes, optimise workflows and provide self-service enrolment and video support.

Facial Recognition

Use an independently developed cutting-edge Facial Recognition system power by AI to provide 24/7 secured and convenient banking services to consumers from account opening and authentication.

Terminal Management

A Remote Terminal Management System allowing you to automate workflows, centralised management and have access to the latest actionable data in a user-friendly interface.
Transportation & Logistics
Real-time payment collections, delivery facilitation and operational performance tracking.

Automated Fare Collection

One of the strongest Interoporable Fare Collection Systems in the world, our platform provides a turn-key approach to manage operations & collections for any fleet operator.


Delivery services have become more important than ever due to a shifting market landscape and changing consumer behaviour. Now merchants and delivery operators can provide their services direct to consumers.

Fleet, Asset & Driver Performance tracking

Never have logistics issues with your assets, vehicles or drivers again. With our real-time platform see all your operational risk at a glance using live control-room dashboards.
Adecore supports our local Governing bodies and organisations through preventing the spread of COVID-19 and providing for efficient clinic management.

COVID-19 related products

In these unprecedented times, keep your visitors and facilities safe with our biometric contactless digital attendance and temperature system for mass market, transit or access control use cases.

Clinic Automation Management System

Revolutionising Clinic Management helping clinics transform their models and provide faster, easier and better booking management systems. This automate system enables your employees to focus on service.
Sales, Marketing & Data Automation
Eliminate operational challenges with data by simplifying and automating processes using context-aware computing.

Automated Sales & Marketing CRM

All-in-one marketing system providing companies with everything they need to attract customers, grow sales and create a personalised experience for each customer, greatly increasing your productivity and revenue.

Call-Centre & Service CRM

Service based businesses understand the importance of getting things done on time, every time. Using the Call-Centre & Service CRM learn how to streamline and greatly increase your call-centres productivity.