Digital Payments

Cost effective digital payment solutions & collections designed for easy business and consumer adoption, combined with transactional data analytics.

Designed to create flexible and unique digital payment experiences

With the rise of new technologies and remote lifestyles digital payments have become more important to strategic merchant or consumer acquisition than ever before. But companies today are looking for simple solutions combined with unique and amazing consumer experiences.

Mobile Wallet

Allow your customers to make seamless payments via multiple in-app payment instruments, giving you the flexibility to create any payment experience.

Allow your customers to pay with card, bank account, transfer, USSD, mobile money or QR code.

Digital payments designed to be simple & secure for your customers.

End-to-end mobile wallet

End-to-end integration of your mobile application to online stores and rewards programs.

Face recognition payments

Fast, secured and easy payments with biometric authentication, amp up your payment technology.

Real-time reporting

Get the transaction insights you need anytime you want, giving you and your customers visibility.

Mobile tokens

Strengthen the security of your transactions with our mobile tokenization.

Cost effective

No major changes to existing POS providing easy adoption for merchants.

Website & Social expandable

One system to connect your applications, online stores and in-store POS systems.

QR Code Payments

The versatility QR code payments have play a critical role in solving specific payment use cases common around the world today. Whether it be everyday low value transactions at markets, bill payments, pay-on-use or payment on delivery.

Driving payment innovation in retail stores, social media or marketplaces

There is an enormous shift in handling payments through QR codes across the world and in various industries. Recently even social media giants are making it easier for person-to-person payments via QR codes.

QR codes are changing the touch-less payment experience
  • A versatile tool for delivering incredible customer experiences for any industry.
  • COVID-19 has changed how people are now interacting and paying.
  • QR codes are connecting physical and digital mediums.
  • Shoppers are now seeing QR codes in various areas, slowly becoming an expectation.
  • Some customers are opting to use digital payments instead of physical payment due to convenience and speed.
  • QR code commerce is helping merchants and retail brands discover new ways to interact and transact with customers.

Retail Industry

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Digital Receipts
  • "Shop the window"
  • Scan and pay at POS

Food & Beverage

  • Digital menus
  • Bookings and Reservations
  • Pick-up experiences
  • Cashless tipping


  • Contactless check-ins
  • In-app payments
  • Virtual concierge
  • Amenities booking

Digital Marketplace

Adecore makes it easier for you to build bespoke retail consumer experiences through our Open-API based mobile-platform for customers to access all products and services.

Mobile Shopping Experiences

Deliver a unique online or mobile experience for consumers to select goods or services to purchase. Our catalogue modules are designed to handle complex product and service configurations.


Adecore also delivers secure and reliable delivery-as-a-Service technology for logistics and delivery businesses to maintain reliable and stable real-time delivery operations.

Digital Vouchers & Giftcards

Allow your customers to earn, redeem and share digital vouchers and gift cards. Our platform allow you to send customised e-Gift Cards with locked values to friends or family.

Professional Services Bookings

Delivering a dynamic digital marketplace service to consumers means catering for all types of services. For this reason we allow booking services for professionals.


Finance services platform modules specifically designed for acquired merchants. Adecore offers technology for point-of-sales financing that allows users to buy goods for fixed-monthly payments.

CRM & Data analytics

Effortless management of consumers, merchants, transactions and workflow management. Our platform allows us to drive efficiencies by automating data and interaction flows.

Adecore delivers unique delivery platform services to providers in Africa

With great technology, user experience and back-end visibility of assets our platform provides an end-to-end service delivery platform for delivery companies.

Earn, Redeem & Share loyalty points to increase transactions

Our Marketplace platform allows the Marketplace owner and their merchants to deliver unique loyalty point experiences for customers to redeem.

Create experiences for consumers to book professional services

It's not just about products but also booking professional services in a connected marketplace.