Transportation & Logistics

Real-time interoperable payment collection solutions for Government Public Transport Operators, independent transport operators, taxi services and delivery companies combined with real-time fleet management & operational performance measurements.

Benefits of cashless payments for transportation

Globally the transportation sector is seeing enormous efficiencies and revenue by implementing cashless payment platforms.

Traditionally it takes 30s to pay via cash

Current studies in Asia and West-Africa have shown that on average current Public Transport Operators spend around 30sec to take cash payments, and in some cases, much longer. In a 30min window, traditional payment methods allowed operators to make between 60 to 70 transactions.

8s to pay via cashless card or QR code

The same regions have shown tremendous improvement and efficiencies in operation once introducing cashless payments combined with real-time fleet management systems. Meaning, in a 30min window studies showed that cashless payment methods allowed operators to make up-to 225 transactions and avoid pilferage.

Contact-tracing for infectious disease management

In todays times, the spread of infectious disease can cripple the public transport sector, and as such there is now growing responsibility for operators to mitigate any risk to passengers. Our platform not only provides Automated Fare Collection and Real-time Fleet Management but also Contact Tracing check-ins.

Our platform caters for all forms of payment including USSD, MoMo, Pre-Booking & QR code

Designed alongside transport operators our system handles all payment use-cases.

Closed-loop payments combined with Stored Value Cards

Our platform handles all end-to-end transactions utilising transit payment cards.

Increase customer safety and satisfaction

With our integrated passenger check-in and check-out system you can mitigate risks from infectious disease.

West-Africa's first purpose built transport modernisation platform

Improve passenger experience while creating efficiencies in collections, tracking & automation. Our platform will increase cashflow, improve real-time transparency & reduce operational risks for any transport operator no matter how big or small.

Fleet, Asset & Driver Management

End-to-end integration of your mobile application to online stores and rewards programs.

Real-time vehicle tracking & Route Planning

Fast, secured and easy payments with biometric authentication, amp up your payment technology.

Automated Fare Collection System

Get the transaction insights you need anytime you want, giving you and your customers visibility.

How does the fleet, asset & driver management system work?

Driver Performance Measured

Compare driver productivity in a way that’s fair and accurate. Significantly uplift safety, performance and cut operation costs by identifying the aspects of your operation that are performing poorly.

Asset tracking

Whether a vehicle or other assets, you don’t want to waste time wondering where they are or whether they’re overdue. Easily track your vehicles and assets and get notified when they’re out longer than they should be.

Route history

Easily pull up a driver’s trip history and see what they’ve been up to. Use this to help you assign their next job or simply check their progress on an assignment.

Asset Maintenance

Enable multiple sources of information to co-exist and drive more efficient decision making. Data can come from existing systems, sensors or anywhere else.

Real-time operational notifications

Get notified whenever your operation is at risk or simply when a particular process in your business is due.

Typical use-cases

Asset Tracking
  • Asset Registration and Tracking
  • Rental Managements
  • Asset Utilisation Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring (fuel, temperature, pressure, vibration, pH and other)
Custom Workflows
  • Team Work-flow Creation
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Hybrid Cash/Card Payments
  • USSD Payments & Mobile money
  • Stored Value Cards
  • Tap-n-Go
  • e-Wallet NFC Payment
  • Scan-to-Pay (QR code)
Driver Behaviour
  • Driver Locations
  • Vehicle Driving Performance
  • Driver Notifications
Infectious Disease Management
  • Trace Passenger Contacts
  • Trace Driver Routes
  • Traffic Mapping
  • Entry & Departure Monitoring
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Utilisation & Revenue Monitoring
Situational Awareness
  • Real-time Security & Safety Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Theft Monitoring
Policy/Service Management
  • Create Service Standards
  • Create Fare Fee Route Matrix
  • Configure Route Matrix
  • Registration
  • Vehicle & Routing Parameters
  • Creating Drivers


One platform to manage your core delivery & fleet services, vendor accounts & products management

Our technology provides complete access to a Delivery Management Platform, Customer Application, Merchant Application and Customer Support Portal.

Industry leading Delivery, Order Management, Customer Accounts and Real-time Fleet Management.