Mobile Wallet

End-to-end integration to any mobile application with our e-wallet, allowing customers to transact, store cards, make USSD payments, rewards, mobile money and bank account integration.

Accept & Receive payments anywhere

Allow your customers to make seamless payments via multiple in-app payment instruments, giving you the flexibility to create any payment experience you want.

Payment Compatibility

Allow your customers to pay with card, bank account, transfer, USSD, mobile money or QR code.

Smart Loyalty

Earn, Redeem and Share loyalty points from your mobile application.

Online & In-Store Marketplace

Online and In-store catalog modules allows customers to purchase online or in-store.

Mobile Banking

InstantPay Ready

Our Digital mobile wallet is compatible with instant payments.

Merchant QR

Dynamic QR codes can be created to represent merchants and transactions.

Customer & Transaction Data

Provide real-time access to customer transactional data and category spend.